What’s in the programme?

  • A friendly easy to read e-book. (Illustrated by Ben O’Brien)
  • Four audio recordings where I personally support you through each stage of the e-book, just as I would if I were there in the room with you.
  • Recordings of real life one to one sessions.
  • Access to an interesting blog which includes case studies, videos, discussion around relevant academic articles and studies, updates about how Out of the Loop is changing the way we approach anxiety, interesting and relevant psychological and philosophical discussions about the nature of anxiety and mental health, access to interesting research projects.
  • Early invites to online Anxiety Social get togethers where we can chat, ask and answer questions, and create a supportive community.

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Out of the Loop is a not for profit resource. All payment goes towards the continued expansion of the resource in order to make it available to those who need it the most.