How Anxiety Works

How an Anxious mind works – The Short Version All living creatures have an inbuilt survival system. This system is activated by threats coming from our environment – emotional and physical. This system activates our autonomic nervous system, harnessing all available energy and dispersing it to areas of the body where it can be galvanised […]

More Than a Number

In my professional life I’ve used many different types of assessment and evaluation forms over the years, but I’ve always thought of them as impersonal, intrusive and inaccurate in their findings. People who are feeling anxious find them particularly challenging to fill in for obvious reasons (who wants to be ticking boxes about their private […]


The mind loves a story. Stories, myths and legends play a really important role in our sense-making experience as human beings. Among other things their universality reminds us that those who have gone before us have faced adversity, challenge, and have had to draw upon resources they didn’t know they had in order to overcome, […]

Epistemic Injustice, Medically Unexplained Symptoms and Mental Health

For many years I worked with men and women who had been subjected to sexual abuse when they were children. Over time it became more and more obvious that the mishandling of childhood trauma can sometimes just be the beginning of a lifetime of encountering ‘epistemic injustice’ (Fricker, 2007). Epistemic injustice is the description Miranda […]

What’s an Expert by Experience?

Expert by experience is a fairly new term to be adopted by the field of mental health. An expert by experience is someone who brings their knowledge and expertise to a subject, which they have gained from first hand lived experience. In its endeavour to respond to the ‘mental health’ needs of people in Low […]