Reduce Anxiety – Calm Panic – Restore Harmony

How long is it since you felt like you? Who are you when you are not anxious? Anxiety isn't about a broken brain or disorder. It's simply a state we sometimes get stuck in when there's no real threat.

Out of the loop gives you a logical way out. Quickly. The minute you know how to let your survival system know you are safe, you can get on with life.

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What will it do for me?

  • Out of the Loop  demystifies the state we call anxiety. Understanding it is the first step to overcoming it.
  • You’ll learn how to switch off the anxious state by counterintuitively interrupting the internal communication loop .
  • You’ll learn how to naturally activate the  part of the nervous system which brings balance to the mind and body.
  • You’ll no longer be stuck in an anxious loop.

What’s in the programme?

  • The E-book, A fully illustrated guide to the programme.
  • Four audio recordings embedded in the e-book via which I will personally support you through each stage of the process, just as I would if I were there in the room with you.
  • Access to a thought provoking blog including case studies, videos, and articles about anxiety and the mind.
  • “Following years of fighting my anxiety and myself, Gill helped me to see that changing my relationship with myself was key to my recovery; this demystified the experience and helped me to develop a more compassionate and (surprisingly) humorous approach to my anxiety”
  • I’ve been anxious for most of my life. I thought it was my personality and that I was just made this way, but this approach has let me know what it’s like to feel calm for the first time. I’ve even driven a car again, which is something I gave up years ago because it made me panic. I’d recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety.
    Anne C
  • If you suffer from any kind of anxiety or depression Gill was the person who helped me.
    Steve Mason (Musician)
  • This woman is an anxiety wizard!
    Harry R
  • I've tried various techniques to manage anxiety over the years but working with Gill helped everything click into place. She has a lovely way of demystifying anxiety and shares practical ways to take back control of our responses to life's stressors.

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Out of the Loop is not a medical model approach, so please do take guidance from your certified medical practitioner on any decisions that you make with regard to treating anxiety. Out of the Loop is a psycho-educational tool not a medical treatment.